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We are your top used car buyer in the New Orleans area and have been an industry leader for years. We make selling your new, used, and junk car easy and fast.


Sell Your Car To Us

We buy a wide range of vehicles and make offers to almost every client that calls. We recognize the changes happening in the new car market and want to help you take advantage of owning a new car today. Newer cars have never been more appealing; with better safety features, better mile per gallon ratings, and added luxury features. At Cash For Cars New Orleans, we are on a mission to help people in any situation sell their used car without the headaches of private sales or the pushiness of dealers.

Our Clients


New Parents

Is your old car safe enough for your new child? If you have been wishing you had safety features like dual-stage airbags or stability control, it may be time to sell your old car. Maybe you want a car that is more reliable or has a better climate control system to keep your baby comfortable. We pay quick cash to many first time parents that they can use towards a new vehicle with a better safety rating.



If you need to update your fleet of company vehicles and could use some cash towards the new expense, why not sell the old fleet to us. Most used car buyers won’t take a second look at old taxis, retired rental cars, or work vans, but we are in the business of buying almost any used vehicle. Give us a call and we will build an offer that takes your unique situation into account.


The Environmentally Conscious

New cars are part of an exciting and innovative industry thanks, in no small part, to the groundbreaking progress being made in the eco friendly car field. Not only are hybrids and electric more fuel efficient, they now come with all of the features of their traditional counterparts. This means that there has never been a better time to get rid of your old, inefficient car or truck and get into a car that you can be happy with. If your car can’t pass emission tests, sell it to us and get money towards a car that will never fail again.



If you have a large collection of old vehicles, you know that some cars hold collector value while others do not. If you have very old cars that have not aged well, and no longer hold value due to neglect or market trends, give us a call. We buy old cars that are no longer running or are in poor condition.

If you are not located in the new orleans area we suggest you use a company to sell your car.

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