At Cash For Cars New Orleans, we believe that our role as a local business is to not only provide good service to residents living in New Orleans but also to have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. As times have changed, we have tried to changed with them. In pursuit of this, we implemented a “Cash For Junk Cars” program that is designed to help you recycle cars that have become a hazard to the local environment. There are many reasons that good, running cars become clunkers but most often it is due to neglect. The more a car sits idle, the faster it ages. If you have a vehicle that has been stored in a place that leaves it open to the elements or that has attracted mold in the interior, it is time to get that vehicle off your mind. Maybe you’ve recently inherited a property that includes broken automobiles and you are wondering what you can do with them. No matter your reason for selling a damaged car, give us a call. In most cases we will pay you for your vehicle and at the very least we will tow it to a licensed recycling center for free!

What Would We Consider A Junk Vehicle?

  • Old –  generally over 15 years old and have very high mileage. They may be very old cars that were never sold off and that may have been in that family for decades.
  • Broken Down – often are no longer running and are not worth repairing. They may have parts missing or can no longer be driven safely.
  • Damaged – may have been in accidents or have salvage titles. They often have extensive exterior damage such as dents, rust, or frame damage. They also may have interior damage that prevents them from operating safely such as missing seats, warped steering wheels, and damaged airbag systems.
  • Hazardous – Many people are aware of the problems associated with car exhaust and the pollution that occurs when older cars are driven but did you know that letting old cars remain on your property can be just as dangerous to the environment? As cars age, their metal rusts and cracks which can lead to fluid leaks. Cars contain many different kinds of fluid, most of which are toxic. If these fluids leak for too long, they may find their way into water sources, or can be consumed by local wildlife.